Smart Building Soltions

Real-time diagnostics, analytics & alerting for smart buildings

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Map overview of smart buildings showing overall health

Schematic layouts of assets showing devices & device health

View real-time device data
& current alerts

Up to 3 Years of
historical data

User defined workflows
& alerts

Predictive models
& machine learning


Why should I have a Smart Building?


BMS Optimisation

By connecting to your Building Management System using BACNet, Modbus or LonWorks to IntelliHub we can help you take control your BMS!

For most commercial buildings, HVAC accounts for up to 70% of energy consumption. Studies show that savings can be made of 10-25% per annum by efficiently controlling your BMS. A saving of just 10% could reduce your energy bill by thousands of pounds per year.

IntelliHub collects the data from your BMS and then uses the latest in machine learning and predictive analytics to help optimise your BMS in real-time. By connecting your HVAC equipment to IntelliHub you benefit from IntelliHub's predicitive maintenance allowing you to schedule maintenance in advance of failure, reducing costs and downtime.

Key benefits

  • More efficient building control
  • Increased energy efficiency
  • Reduce running costs and carbon footprint
  • Improved comfort for occupants
  • Predictive maintenance

Lighting/ Power Control

IntelliHub works with a number of vendors who supply intelligent lighting and power solutions that can be retrofitted into your building at minimal cost.

Our lighting and power solutions allow you to take control of energy usage, providing the ability to programme timing routines and react to sensor data as well as monitoring energy consumption in real-time

Key benefits

  • More efficient lighting and power control
  • Increased energy efficiency
  • Low cost of installation
  • Reduced running costs and carbon footprint
  • Basic predictive maintenance of equipment connected to your sockets


IntelliHub can help companies comply with ESOS (Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme) and CRC (Carbon Reduction Commitment) by using the latest in smart building technologies

Key benefits

  • Reduce your carbon emissions and carbon credits
  • Reduce your energy footprint, lowering your annual bills
  • Greater visibility of energy usage
  • Improve comfort for occupants

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